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Join Mama Bear for her morning aerobics!

Or grill the Emperor about his latest misdeeds at his Royal Press Conference!

Children don't just watch Magpie Puppets — they get involved!

Magpie Puppets performs at schools, libraries, museums and community events in the Boston area and throughout New England. Birthday party puppet shows take place in your home and make your child's party memorable (and manageable!). Magpie Puppets participates in the New England States Touring Program.

Each show begins with a guitar sing-along or a lively demonstration about how puppets are made and manipulated. Children learn ways to create voices for puppets. Performances run 45-50 minutes and are appropriate for both large assemblies and small groups. Study guides are provided for school performances, and a question-and-answer session follows the show.

Learn about the ancient art of shadow puppetry before the show; stay after to get a peek at how Maggie creates the onscreen magic!

Reminisce as well-loved songs and stories spring to life with surprising twists!

In addition to being a puppeteer, Maggie Whalen is an occupational therapist who has worked with older adults in rehab settings. She designed Shadow Songs and Stories for adults at senior centers, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. It is best suited to audiences of up to 100 people.


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